WUAMS is the abbreviation for World (U) Academy of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery. WUAMS is different from other aesthetic training institutes. At WUAMS we ensure that all types of specialists involved in aesthetics can come together.

WUAMS has a low threshold to join. We believe that every aesthetic lover has something up their sleeve. For example, every doctor has a different technique for treating the frown with botulinum toxin or another technique for breast implants or liposuctions. Whatever your technique, you can share it with your colleagues here. This way you can learn from each other and we also ensure an open-minded approach in treating our own patients.

First, you are a registered  doctor, nurse or physician assistant.

You can create a free account and use everything that WUAMS has to offer.

If you want discounts and more, you can buy an official membership.

If you become a tutor, you can sign up and upload your videos very quickly.

If you watch videos with a discount and at the same time decide to be a tutor yourself, you can buy an official membership and register as a tutor.

Always write down your  registration number in the descriptions on your profile. Also write down what your specialty is.

We currently consist of 4 people.


You can register as a tutor if you are a registered doctor. Aesthetic nurses or Physician assistants may become tutors if they work under a registered doctor and can show the registration number. You must then be able to demonstrate this.

Not for the first 15-30 minute video. We use these purely as marketing for you and therefore to attract students.

Yes, 60% of the course price is for the trainer. We use the remaining 40% ​​for advertising and to pay our staff.

We provide organic traffic with SEOs and not pay-per-click. That is why it is important to promote WUAMS as much as possible on social media and through affiliate marketing.

It is therefore also important to blog and post messages on news&blog.

For affiliate marketing, visit https://wuams.com/affiliates

You pay your own tax on what you earn.

You can send an email to info@wuams.com. We will try to email you back as soon as possible (preferably within 24 hours).

It can take up to 5 working days for you to receive an answer.

We charge €2 per minute of the video. If your video lasts 1 hour, we charge €120 to adjust the video.

For example, it takes 60 minutes and 1 second. Then we charge €120. It takes 60 minutes and 29 seconds. Then we still charge €120. Does it take 60 minutes and 30 seconds or more. Then we charge €122. We recommend that you try it yourself first and get comfortable with it.

Can’t edit and would you like help? First send an email to info@wuams.com with your name and which course it concerns. We check how long your video has lasted and based on that we make a quote.

You then pay to account number NL78 KNAB 0516 3847 91 in the name of wuams.com

You will receive one-time free feedback(s) per course video that you post. You will receive one or more feedbacks at a time.

Did you comply with most or all feedbacks? Then we launch your video.

The whole video doesn’t have to be perfect, but we strive for it.

If you have adjusted your video and sent it back to us, but you have not yet succeeded in meeting most of the feedbacks and you would like more feedbacks back, we first ask you to transfer an amount of €10 to NL 78 KNAB 0516 3847 91 for providing multiple feedbacks.

Disagree with the decision? You can mention this by writing to info@wuams.com. We can therefore decide together to make your course video a bit cheaper for colleagues (students). We decide together what the amount will be for your course video.

No, you will not receive any feedback. It is advisable to still take the sound quality and image quality of your video recording into account and to show the treatment from a sufficient distance without using your hands or anything else in front of it.

  • Your image quality must be good and it must be visible what you are doing. So it shouldn’t come across as blurry or with your hand in front of what you’re doing.
    • Suppose you are making an incision to show your technique, but the place where you are cutting is not visible. We will then give feedback that you should start filming this part again. It is therefore advisable to film with multiple video cameras from multiple angles.
  • In addition to your video quality, the sound must also be good. We recommend recording the video later and not explaining the treatment to the students while recording. This way you can edit your video undisturbed and with good sound quality.
    • Suppose you record a video to show your technique with lip fillers. You then make a video about every step you take. You don’t talk during treatment. After the recording, you will use a video editing program and a voice recorder to record your voice while the video plays. This way you can clearly record every step.
  • Your technique is innovative or existing. In any case, it is of this time and not of the 1800s. You go with the times.

Yes that is allowed. We can list you as a coach in the ‘shop’ department. Here people can buy your coaching sessions. Provided that you are already a trainer at NAVEG and that you have already posted 4 or more videos.

You get 90% of the amount. You will pay your own tax again. We use the remaining 10% for marketing and to pay our staff who have worked hard.

There are plenty of colleagues who want to be in the same shoes as you do. You show them how to walk your path and how to achieve what you have done.

Yes, this is only allowed if you are a trainer and if you are an official member of WUAMS.

You get 90% of the amount. You pay tax on this yourself.

No, that is why we do not have an employee-employer agreement.

That is certainly allowed and we appreciate that too. You can mail your suggestions to info@wuams.com

Have you successfully uploaded 1 or more courses? Then you will receive a certificate from us that you are now an official trainer at WUAMS. For certificate request, mail to info@wuams.com


First, you are a registered doctor, nurse or physician assistant with an interest in aesthetics.

You can create a free account by registering for free. You can now use everything that WUAMS has to offer.

Do you want more discount on all videos and do you also want to download e-books and more? Then you can buy an official membership.

Certainly, you can also become a tutor if you want to share your techniques with colleagues. This allows you to earn a passive income and you also earn money with which you can then watch more videos. For the conditions, also look at FAQs Tutor and also look at the content section.

You only receive accreditation points if the trainer is allowed to award accreditation points.

Yes, when you are logged in to your own account, you can watch the videos as often as you want.

No, this is not possible.

Yes, you can use the WUAMS logo for your clinic, print on clothing or use it as a sticker. You may not alter the WUAMS logo, change its color or shape.

You send an email to info@wuams.com. Do you have an official membership with WUAMS? Then send an email to membership@wuams.com We can therefore help you faster.