Content requirements and manual

How do you upload your course video?

How do you create a thumbnail?

How do you give a live course with ZOOM?

Content (both video recording of the treatment itself and e.g. PowerPoint presentation)

  1. Introduce yourself
    1. What is your specialty
    2. How long have you had experience?
    3. Other
  2. What are you going to tell and show?
    1. Create table of contents
    2. Your presentation and treatment includes necessary stuff from A to Z
    3. Specific anatomy of the area(s) to be treated with images
    4. Patient selection
    5. Preparations (stuff)
    6. Your opinion on different techniques for the area to be treated
    7. Your technique
    8. Studies on this (optional)
    9. Post-treatment instructions
    10. Other relevant information
    11. Summary (take home message)


  1. Camera (and microphone) with good image and sound quality
  2. Presentation software (e.g. PowerPoint) for images and texts.

Quality requirements course

  1. Image quality at least 1080p, the students can adjust the image quality to the strength of the internet connection.
  2. Voice is loud and clear.
  3. Your course is original
  4. Content is of this time