Donate now to WUAMS's charity program

Give back with WUAMS and get a discount on your next course. Reach your goal with donations and we will build a well in your name!


Get a discount on your next course

Build a well in a third world country

For more information contact info@wuams.com

Game rules

WUAMS charity program is open to all healthcare professionals with an interest in aesthetics who purchase a course at WUAMS. By first buying a course and then donating via WUAMS, you get credits.

€5-€20 discount on your next course

For every time you donate, you’ll get a single-use discount code that will save you $5-20 off your next course, depending on how much you’ve donated. donated €5? Then you will receive a €5 discount on your next course. Please see FAQS for the rules of the game.

Why choose NAVEG charities?

A new charity every month

Every month we choose a new charity with an ANBI status in the Netherlands and Belgium. You will receive a monthly newsletter with our next charity.

Health and Education

We are an educational institution as well as medical. This is why we choose charities that focus on education and health.


When we have received your donation, we will send a discount code within 2-3 working days. This will give you a one-off discount on your next course. You must first buy a course and then donate.

Your discount on your next course depends on the amount you donated. If you have donated €5, you will receive a €5 discount on your next course. You get a discount up to €20.

If you go to the donor dashboard, you can view your donation history.

If you have donated a total amount of at least €420, you are eligible for the water well project in a developing country. We also donate an amount of €30, so that you can start a water well project of €450.

Please note: You donate separately for a well project and separately for a monthly charity.

Then you build up more credits and we still donate €30. The most expensive project we offer so far is the water well project in Bangladesh for which an amount of €550 is requested.

Yes, the well project is in your name. You can choose your own name, but also that of the company where you work and also your family member or child. This name will be on the well.

We approach IHH (international humanitarian aid organization) for these wells.

Send an email to info@wuams.com